Kids Benefit Inc.


Three-year-old Savannah loves the Disney princesses, and all of the other Disney characters. She is proud to report that she has almost every Disney movie; but her favorite will always be Toy Story 2 because she loves Jesse and Woody. When she isn't busy watching one of her Disney movies, Savannah likes to play with her Baby LeapPad. Savannah was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells. She receives weekly chemotherapy treatments to help her body fight the condition.

Recently, Make-A-Wish sent Savannah and her family to Disney World where Savannah was able to meet the Disney princesses and the characters from Toy Story. They stayed at the Disney theme parks. Savannah was even surprised with a special invitation to a Princess Storybook dinner at Epcot Center. Savannah loved meeting the Disney princesses and will never forget the day her ultimate wish came true.

Oriana, 12, is a sweet girl from Peoria who loves to listen to rap and gospel music. She especially likes to listen to music by Destiny's Child. Oriana enjoys watching television shows and movies starring her favorite acress, Raven Simone while snacking on anything chocolate. Oriana has a type of heart disease called mitral insufficiency in which one of her heart's valves does not work properly.

Oriana wished to go to Disney World with her family because she had been to Florida once before but did not get the chance to visit Disney World. Being able to see Cinderella's Castle was very important to Oriana. Oriana and her family enjoyed their limousine ride to the airport and were given VIP treatment everywhere they went. Oriana thought everything about her wish was absolutely perfect. Her wish helped make her believe that all things are possible and helped give her better perspective on her condition.

Eighteen year old Shaniece is a cheerful outgoing girl from Country Club Hills, IL who has a twin sister. She cannot live without music and spends most of her time singing or listening to her favorite CD's and radio stations. Her two favorite musical artists are Ashanti and Ludacris, and her favorite junk food is cheese puffs. When Shaniece gets to choose where to go out for dinner she will always choose an Italian Restaurant. Shortly after Shaniece was born, she was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects body movement and muscle coordination. Since this condition is serious, it often land Shaniece in hospitals and doctors offices instead of at home with her family. However, Shaniece keeps a positive attitude and overall is doing very well.

This summer, Shaniece was able to have her ultimate wish fulfilled and went on a week-long trip of a lifetime to Walt Disney World. Shaniece and her family enjoyed the full VIP treatment with limousine rides; front of the line passes to all the attractions and accommodations at the Give Kids the World Village, a resort specially designed for amazing kids like Shaniece. The entire trip was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to relax and have fun, and Shaniece will remember it fondly forever.

Malena is a social and fifteen year old from Mokena, IL. She listens to all kinds of music and enjoys watching her favorite starts like Milo Ventimiglia, Lauren Graham, and Alexis Bledel on Gilmore Girls. Her favorite movies include "Coach Carter" and "Pirates of the Caribbean". Her favorite subject in school is Math. Malena loves Italian food and likes to visit Olive Garden with her friends and family. She also enjoys reading books, especially the Harry Potter series.

Malena lives with a brain malformation that affects her nervous system. She never lets this get in her way, though, spending her spare time hanging out with friends and playing sports, especially basketball and badminton.

This fall, Malena will turn sixteen, and her wish is for a huge sweet sixteen party! Malena will have the party of the year with all of her friends. The party will be WWE-themed and will include a DJ, dancing and a miniature wrestling ring. Malena is excited to wear a gorgeous dress and be the star of her party!